I have written eleven non fiction books, the latest being Discover Hong Kong, a City's History and Culture Redefined, pub Marshall Cavendish 2008. See below for more details on the latest ones, and for details of all my books.

Other books I have written, and reprinted several times but now out of print are:

Chinese Dragon Robes, pub Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1998. This can be downloaded as a PDF. See Shop and Links/Contact to order the book for HK$80.

Buying Antiques, Arts and Crafts in Hong Kong, pub Times Editions, Singapore, 1996.

Hong Kong: Life and Times, pub Times Editions, Singapore, 1996

Hong Kong:  pub Editions Solar, Edition du Club France Loisirs, Paris, 1996

Chinese Clothing: an Illustrated Guide, pub Oxford University Press, 1994 ( fifth printing).

Children of the Gods: Dress and Symbolism in China, pub Urban Council Hong Kong, 1990 (second printing).

Mandarin Squares: Mandarins and their Insignia, pub Oxford University Press, 1990 (fourth printing). This can be downloaded as a PDF for HK$80. See Shop and Links/Contact.

Traditional Chinese Clothing in Hong Kong and South China, 1840-1980, pub Oxford University Press, 1987 ( sixth printing).

These pictured are available in all good bookshops and online bookstores.

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